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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dyslexia.... Spelling... a sure fire way to cause tears in my household....


A shout out to the wonderful educators & people of Freely Educate (above link) They are Angels blessing us with their free give aways. I am hoping for a wonderful free gift that will help my children utilise their creative gifts..... & its all about SPELLING ... yes thats right SPELLING..... even a gifted visual thinking needs to know how to spell... I think in pictures... yet in order to share these mind pictures & thoughts with the world I need to translate them into words... So can you imagine how frustrating it is for children (including gifted children) who struggle with the complexities of spelling..... how can they express their thoughts if..they are unable to translate it into real words?

I have finally had my intuitions confirmed...my very sweet & gifted boy struggles with dyslexia.... as well as motor dyspraxia.... the result is that sequencing...spelling, writing & planning is difficult....

He is a very bright, creative & intuitive boy..... yet I really pray that he gets his spelling under wraps...as it will have a major impact upon his school life, outcomes & sense of social & academic achievement..

I also have a 5yo who is mirroring his brother's dyslexic traits (and his father's dyslexic traits) He attends a literacy program with his speech therapist..... but to have this spelling program would make a major difference to his learning outcomes as well.

Learning is not just about ticking the boxes & meeting a requirement. Learning is about life, about living... Its about being capable of participating in life fully.... It is about upon one's personal strengths & abilities.... Learning is essential...... spelling is not just about words..... spelling is about being about to fully express oneself in written form.... being able to spell allows for a faster translation of thoughts onto paper (especially for the gifted visual spatial people like my children) Learning how to spell is much like having a huge segment of a key...a key that will enable its owner to open their minds...their expressive self & share it with the world. Hence the reason I am trying to win this amazing package.... wish me luck


  1. I wish you luck to win that package. actually you and your children have won... You are a wonderful loving Mom of amazing intelligent children. Which is really the biggest part of the key for them to learn and excel... you.

  2. Hi, I have a blog on dyslexia. I have 3 articles there sharing my views on how a parent can teach sequencing and abstract things that dyslexics find most difficult to learn. I also have lessons suited for dyslexic children commencing in March 2010.It is all FOC.
    Kind regards,
    Luqman Michel

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this post! I love your last paragraph, "spelling is not just about words..... spelling is about being about to fully express oneself in written form" and that "spelling is a key." I hadn't really thought of it like that before as spelling is a natural thing to me, but now that you mention it, you are so right. My children who are young and unable to spell have such a hard time articulating what they want to say on paper -- imagine how much more frustrating for someone older, who knows more words, but cannot spell them!

    ~ Lori